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Band Bio

IndifferentMonKeY, fueled by an unwavering passion for musical expression, crafts a distinctive sound that seamlessly navigates through diverse genres such as Trip Hop, Heavy Rock, Funk, Jazz, Electronic, and Pop.
If one were to categorize it, the term “Trip Rock” perfectly encapsulates the essence of their unique musical fusion.
Since their debut in September 2021, IndifferentMonKeY has released an impressive ten singles, embarking on an extraordinary journey throughout 2022. Their music has not only resonated on BBC Introducing but has also earned playlist features on the renowned KCRW in LA.
A crowning achievement in 2023 was winning the BEST BAND 22 AWARD at a live ceremony held at the iconic Bedford in Balham, London. The band emerged victorious among over 5000 contenders from around the world. In January 2024, indifferentMonKeY has received the honor of headlining the Award Ceremony for 2023 as the previous year’s winners.
The band enjoys extensive airplay on platforms like “Amazing Radio” and various indie stations in the UK, including WigWam, as well as across the USA. Notably, their single “Naked White Noise” has transcended into the virtual realm, being featured in the VR game “Billy Talent’s Notebook” on Steam for PC.
Adding to IndifferentMonKeY’s dynamic discography is “Go Supersonic,” an exhilarating collaboration with D.J. Skyjump and Norah Sunset. Additionally, “Naked White Noise” and “Cokehead” have garnered attention, being shortlisted for a major Hollywood film and a Netflix series. “Cokehead” is also under consideration for inclusion in a TV drama in America.
Diving into the live music scene since April 2023, IndifferentMonKeY has graced approximately 40 shows, including a headline act at Hawksfest alongside Hawkwind.
The ensemble features a talented lineup, with Ellie Knowles on vocals, Joe Lowe contributing bass live and various instruments as a writer and producer, Brendan Syson on guitar, and Graham Darbyshire on drums. Sessions also include Luke Wilding on guitars and Keith Ashcroft on guitar, renowned for his work on “Murder on the Dance Floor” by Gregg Alexander and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
The band pays tribute to the late Keith Ashcroft, with special thanks extended to Maxime Lenssens for drums on “Trouble with You.”
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