Counting down our top albums of 2017

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So many great albums came out this year and it’s hard trying to pick out some and leaving others behind. Check out our favourites of 2017:

reputation – Taylor Swift

4 / 5


“The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now”

Starting off our list is Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album and what a change of direction for the pop star. This album shows a much deeper and darker side to Swift compared to her early work. Fifteen great modern pop songs that are dark and much more meaningful than before, but they still have a great sound. Even if you’re not a fan of pop, I’d definitely give this a go.

Concrete & Gold – Foo Fighters

4 / 5

“The rats are on parade”

What an album.

Only a few bands can produce nine studio albums and still sound fresh.

The ex-Nirvana drummer has taken sounds from Queen, Prince and just pure rock. The song ‘run’ takes a turn towards a heavy metal sound as Grohl screeches the lyrics into the microphone. ‘The Sky is a Neighbourhood’ takes on a classic Foo Fighters sound with a hint of old-school pop. But overall, we love it.

More Life – Drake

4 / 5

“Passionate from miles away”

Next up is Drakes latest album, More Life. With a mix of hip-hop, UK grime and South African house, this album has some great variety. Well, I say album but Drake describes More Life as more of a playlist.

The playlist is so emotional and expressive which can be seen in the hit tune ‘Passionfruit’. With features from UK grime artist, Giggs on ‘No Long Talk’ and ‘KMT’ it shows his variation in the rap genre. Is it better than last year’s Views? I’d say they’re on the same level but in a different way.

Live For The Moment – The Sherlocks

4.5 / 5

“Please don’t try and run before you can walk and don’t jump the gun”

As far as debut albums go, this is a good one.

Taking sounds from Oasis, Courteeners, and a wee bit of Arctic Monkeys comes the Sherlocks first album. The title track has some brilliant lyrics and a great beat to it. With the song ‘Nobody Knows’ having a Beatles vibe to it. If you’re an indie rock fan then this album is one you’re gonna want to pick up.

As You Were – Liam Gallagher

4.5 / 5

“Mad fer it”

It’s been a long time since we saw the iconic front-man and he’s made his comeback known.

We didn’t expect anything different from the youngest Gallagher brother and we’re happy that it isn’t. Heading back to basics, Liam gets some great solo songs under his belt. With songs like ‘Paper Crown’ and ‘I’ve All I Need’ which show an emotional side to Gallagher.

This is one you definitely (maybe) need to pick up.

Honourable mentions


DAMN. – Kendrick Lamar

Melodrama – Lorde

Divide – Ed Sheeran

How Did We Get So Dark? – Royal Blood

Who Built the Moon? – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds 

5 / 5


“She fell, she fell, right under my spell”

Last but not least, Who Built the Moon?

This has the number one spot for us, as Noel wrote all the songs on the album (obviously), and he takes himself on a different, yet familiar road.

Just before this album dropped, this album was said to be Noel’s best work since ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’

A bold statement to make, but a fair one. The album is great but it’s very different compared to his older stuff. If you were expecting an ‘Oasisy’ album then you’re in for a surprise. But a pleasant surprise at that.

It takes on a psychedelic sound and it’s great. Also, in my opinion, the title track is up there with ‘The Masterplan’.

This is a breath of fresh air for Noel and I for one, happily welcome it.


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