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How to get your music out there

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For new bands and musicians, you might be wondering how you’re going to market your music. Fear not for dazyRecords is here to help you!

Before we give you a few tips to get your music out there just know that we are looking for unsigned bands and artists to sign up and get their music out there in the mainstream!

So how do you market your music?

For marketing your music as an unsigned band, you’re going to need to be ready to spend money on your advertisements.

Social media

There are many ways to market your music, one being social media. It’s the most powerful tool for bands and artists who want people to hear their music.

Twitter and Facebook are great to attract an audience. Use the most popular hashtags to get noticed and interact with fans, other bands & artists to get a bigger following. For Twitter, there’s always trending hashtags so use them to your advantage and turn them around to make your music more popular.


Create a website! If you don’t know how to then get someone to develop one for you instead! Websites are essentially an online presence and it needs to look good. Be sure to put up plenty of pictures and videos. Include a biography to add a personal touch for your fans.


The image of a band can make or break it. Imagine where KISS would be without their makeup! If you can make a unique image for yourself or your band then that is the first step to success. You could go for glam rock like the aforementioned KISS or just scruffy like the early Arctic Monkeys and Oasis. But always be aware that, as I said, the image can make or break your chances of being successful in music…


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