Let’s talk about that Reading & Leeds line up

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I might be late to the party but I want to share my thoughts on the Reading and Leeds Festival Line Up 2018.

Who’s playing at Reading and Leeds 2018?

Here are the headliners for Reading and Leeds festival 2018:

  • Fall Out Boy – Friday at Reading, Saturday at Leeds
  • Kendrick Lamar – Saturday at Reading, Sunday at Leeds
  • Kings of Leon – Sunday at Reading, Friday at Leeds


Considering everyone had their hopes up by expecting bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters and Royal Blood I’d say that this line-up is quite underwhelming.

Since the line-up was announced, the head of Reading and Leeds festival has responded to the angry and disappointed fans who were saying that this was the worst line-up ever.

“The key thing about any festival is that you don’t stand still … I’m very clear on that” said Melvin Benn.

He told the BBC that ‘you can’t keep drumming up the same acts and expect people to come and see them.’

Here’s one disappointed fans view on the line-up:

What do you think of the line-up? Is it at the point of no return or could it be saved? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

How much is Reading Festival 2018?

It depends on whether you want to get separate days and if you want any extras (such as early bird, lockers etc.)

To find out more, you can get your Reading & Leeds 2018 Tickets here.


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