Big Hello from Mr Plug!

Now you might be wondering who I am? Well I’m Mr Plug of course…you’re number one Radio Plugger in the world!!! Bold statement but in this game you gotta think BIG!!! My wife, Mrs Plug, is always telling me I’ve got a big mouth so I thought I’d use it to help you guys get your music out there.
Now I know many of you are wannabes and have no chance in the music industry but thats what I’d say about most of my son Jamie’s taste in music. Jamie is 14 and has started wearing nail varnish for Gods sake so anything he likes is bound to drive me up the wall. Anyway i reckon if he likes it then so must some other anxiety teenagers out there so thats good enough for me!!! As for Melina Plug, my 17 year old daughter she’s into all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Heavy Metal Hip Hop Thrash I think its called.
Again if its good enough for her its good enough for me! That leaves me with my eldest daughter Mary (From a previous relationship) who love Trippy shit. Actually some of its not that bad so I’ll plug that too!!!! As for me…well your very own Mr Plug loves Rock, country and just about anything that I reckon can make me a buck or two.
So send your rubbish songs to me and if I like them then maybe we can do business….I’ve got thousands of radio stations all over the world and some of them will be mad enough to play your weird and wonderful music!!!
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