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A few things every band should know about

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When bands first get started they expect it all too just happen after they record their first song because their sound is ‘unique’. For very few bands this is true and does happen but realistically it’s gonna take a while until you get your first hit song.

Here are a few things that you need to know if you’re starting a band:

How are you going to market?

This can determine the survival of your band. If your marketing’s shite then you ain’t gonna get anywhere.

You could be better than The Beatles but if you can’t market those tunes then you better get used to the local pub scene.

On the other hand, if your marketing is good then you can get a following which will slowly grow into getting noticed and maybe a record deal.

Social Media is there for a reason for these types of situations. Use Facebook and Twitter ads to boost your band and get more people interested. But be prepared to spend money and the possibility of not much coming from it.

The look

So the look depends on what kind of band you are. Are you northerners like Arctic Monkeys who don’t care how they look or are you looking at more of a glam rock like Aerosmith?

If you’re going for the glam rock look then you’ll need some balls to go up on stage in the outfit and in front of a small audience who will most likely heckle you because of how you look.

Of course, the silver lining would be that if you do make it, the costumes could become iconic for music.

Just look at KISS…

Your expectations

Last but certainly not least, lower your expectations. It’s not a nice thing to say but there are millions of bands out there who have the exact same thought process as you. The only difference is, is that some of them will make it. It could even be your band but there isn’t a big chance of it happening until you do the things we mentioned above and you know that your music is good.


We hope this list helped!

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