The Annual Pop Music Awards 2018 are nearly here

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The Brits are quickly approaching us…

This is one of the best Annual Pop Music Awards 2018 but as is usual with awards such as the Brits I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

It’s just the thing isn’t’ it, you see these big names and their all gonna be on the TV for a few hours and only five of them do a song or two, whereas the rest of them sit there laughing and occasionally crying ‘cos they won an annual pop music award in 2018. Although, let’s be serious is it hard to win an award with how shite music is going?

Now, here’s me complaining like an old miserable git but my kids love the Brit awards! In fact, they can’t get enough of it!

They were telling me about some of the Brit Award Nominees 2018 and about this Sam Smith geezer and that he’s up for an award and that he’s gonna be performing too. They told me about how his latest album ‘The Thrill of It All’ (or some bollocks like that) was the UK’s third best selling album of last year!

I mean that just shows that music is going down the tubes don’t it!

The music aside though…

My youngest told me that Dermot O’Leary and Emma Willis were the hosts of the Brits last year and this year it’s gonna be Jack Whitehall. You know, the funny bloke off that TV show set in that shitty school? Gonna be hilarious…

If you ask me, I think these annual pop music awards 2018 are a load of bollocks!

If you don’t know Where & When the 2018 Brit Awards Will Be Held, check out their site here to find out more information.

So, what do you ‘fink? Let us know down below!


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