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Anyway getting back to business. No matter what level you’re on, whether you’re a novice musician just starting out and trying to make it big in the industry or if you’re touring as the frontman for a band that’s hit the big time, these are a few apps you need to download as soon as you get a break from all the booze and everything else you artists do backstage! 😉


Starting off with possibly one of the most popular apps on the market in this industry is GarageBand. With the nickname of the ‘audio workstation’ GarageBand enables artists to transform their mobile device into a recording studio! Sounds pretty facking cool to me! Check it out here.

Magic Piano

Are you aspiring to be the next Ludwig van Beethoven (yes I looked up his full name) or maybe trying to be like Elton John? If this is the case for you then Magic Piano is just what you need and it’s free! You can transform your mobile device into a virtual keyboard which lets budding pianists learn the basics, learn over a hundred songs and more! After learning how to play all you’ll need is some funky glasses from the 70s!

Songwriter’s Pad

Are you a wannabe songwriter? If so you probably know how it can be frustrating and time consuming it can be. Songwriter’s Pad generates ideas and has a rhyming dictionary for you to play around with. So for everyone who wants to write the next Bohemian Rhapsody but doesn’t have the creativity to do so  (most of you then?) download Songwriter’s Pad now!

So these were just a few of the apps you should get downloaded as soon as you can, since half of you are probably worse than Liam Gallagher (although he thinks he’s facking John Lennon!) when it comes to coming up with their own music. 😉

Nevertheless, we are looking for Unsigned Bands and artists to sign up with us here at dazyRecords no matter the genre! No crap just good stuff mind you! Get in touch and see what we can do for you!

So remember if you’re looking to cheat (‘cos you can’t write you’re own facking music) then there are plenty of music apps to download and helpful apps for all you wannabe DIY musicians. More top tips from our independent record label coming soon!

Love, Mr Plug x


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