The start of the decade marked an end for indie bands and essentially having rock ‘n’ roll in the mainstream. As the 00s were coming to an end, modern music was becoming more and more mainstream, in the charts and in the younger generation. Indie rock ‘n’ roll bands like Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs and many more were fading away, and despite some of them still being together to this day and still headlining festivals it still feels like they aren’t as prominent as they once were since modern pop music has hit the scene.

Music that charts

Despite this, indie rock is still around. Bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen killed the charts when their debut, The Balcony was released and the upcoming indie band, The Sherlocks are doing great too after hitting the charts when they released their debut album Live For the Moment earlier this year and of course, the iconic frontman of Oasis, Liam Gallagher is back as he makes his comeback with his debut solo album As You Were.

But modern music is obviously still the biggest thing around, as this article is being wrote, Post Malone is number one with his song Rockstar and below him is Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug with the song Havana. Ed Sheerans song Perfect off his latest album is still in the charts at number eleven and Dusk Till Dawn by Zayn ft. Sia is at number six. There isn’t a single rock or rock artist in the top part of the charts as this is being written.

Modern music, consists of rap, R&B, pop and alternative forms of all of these and more. This is kind of music that clubs play and most pubs will play too as it is what most people today want to hear when their socialising with their friends and family.

Despite all of these arguments about old and modern music and The Killers’ Mr. Brightside is still in the charts more than ten years after its release…

Modern Music or Old Music?

Oldies Music is great, they give a sense of nostalgia for most people and are really powerful for this reason. Modern music is just as great, just in a different way. Modern groups and artists are hitting the charts and staying in them for a reason, people like them and they can dance to them when their on a night out or partying with their friends. Both old music and modern music is great in their own right, they are just different.

Seeing comments on old YouTube music videos from the Britpop era or the Grunge era (or even The Bealtes’ era) complaining about new music and how ‘music like this should be in the charts’ is just getting boring. Modern music is here and it’s going to be here a long time, if you enjoy older music then listen to it and enjoy it without the complaints on modern music and the people who like it.

Essentially there isn’t anything wrong with liking modern music or old music, let people enjoy what they want!

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What do you think? Discuss down below in the comments what think of modern music we’ve come to love and the oldies we fondly remember.


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