Eminem Revival review

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Guess who’s back

Eminem has returned to the scene with his ninth studio album as a solo artist. Revival is his first album in four years and has been highly anticipated after collaborations with artists like Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé and Alicia Keys were announced.

Fans have had mixed reactions, some say it’s amazing and lives up to the hype while others think it’s been overhyped and one of his worst albums.

The tracks

From what we’ve heard, Revival is great! As always the lyrics are emotional, angry and powerful from the worlds most famous rapper.

Walk On Water ft. Beyoncé

The first track and first single of the album, “Walk On Water ft. Beyoncé” is very different from we are usually used to by Slim but it’s still a great track and the chorus is beautiful to listen to as Beyoncés vocals add a soothing feel to the track.


The second track “Believe” feels almost like trap instead of Slims older style of rap. Nevertheless still a good song.

River ft. Ed Sheeran

The fifth track, “River ft. Ed Sheeran” is a great tune. It was weird at first to hear Sheeran’s voice on rap song but it was a nice change of pace and up there with one of the best on the album.

Remind Me

“Remind Me” has hard rock values in it and a cheeky reference to “I Love Rock n Roll” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. In fact, the whole backing track is basically taken from that song.

Like Home

“Like Home ft. Alicia Keys” is the ninth track on Revival and I think it’s personally my favourite.


“Offended” is the fifteenth song on the album, and brings me back to the days of “Rap God” from his previous album. Near the end of the song, he raps in super speed with lyrics that I couldn’t recite unless I had them right in front of me.


“Heat” is a back to basics song for Slim. Has a kind of a “Berserk” feel just as “Remind Me” does but in a different way. As always lyrics are great and fast and it has a really catchy chorus. It feels like an angry song to me but those are occasionally the best from Slim.


We won’t spoil too much of the last track for you but it’s emotional and there’s even an apology to Eminem’s father, who he has referenced in the past as someone he clearly doesn’t like.


After seeing Revival top charts all around the world in under twelve hours, it’s great to see Eminem back where he belongs.

The album is different from his older work and takes on more of a modern rap approach but it is nevertheless a familiar album.

Every song is great and will appeal to someone out there. Personally I think that they are all good, with good beats and brilliant lyrics.



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