How musicians can get more views on YouTube

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Oh YouTube, you know me so well, recommending videos from hit YouTube stars I like such as KSI, Joe Weller & Pewdiepie and recommending YouTube’s who literally don’t deserve the views they get on YouTube such as the Paul brothers…

But every now and then I get recommendations for music from a famous band or artist or a new, upcoming band or artist that want to make it famous and I think to myself, what the fack are they doing?!

So How To Get More Views On YouTube in 2018:


One tip on how to how to get more views and Get Noticed On YouTube in 2018 is by never underestimating the power of tags.

If you are looking to get more views on your video then don’t avoid tags! No matter how shite your music actually is, you can still get views on your video if you get the tags right.

For your video to come up in the ‘related videos’ column, you should tag all your videos in a similar way. So, if you include your band/stage name in all your videos, and several matching tags, your videos will all be connected to each other in one way or another. This will give you additional views for your videos (no matter how shit it is!).

Make an impression

It’s a little thing but it makes a big impact on if people will click on your video. What am I talking about? The thumbnail for the video of course! If the thumbnail of the video is good and clear it will make a big impact on the audience, so make sure it’s not a blurry mess!

Think out of the box

Out of the box, thinking is, in a way, the best way a musician can approach their music. When it comes to YouTube, you should have a look at what other musicians do to advertise their music. Look at Adele for example, just before she dropped her first single from her latest album ‘25’ she released a teaser trailer for the song ‘hello’. Now Adele isn’t the best artist (in my humble opinion) but she knows how to advertise new music!

So now you know how to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2018!

Doesn’t matter anyway your music probably isn’t worth jack!

Love Mr. Plug x


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